Too Soon To Snap?


me and lolaDear Diary,

Today it continues to surprise me how saturated the children I watch and their generation is in technology. The oldest girl I watch is 11-years-old and she has a laptop(nicer than mine), an iPad, and a brand new apple phone. Diary, that’s got me thinking about how this technology is affecting the kids.

Technology can be such a blessing and the amount of educational websites to help children learn is amazing. Some elementary teachers are even giving online homework to their students, often time in websites like spellchecker or multiplication mania. Showing children to the wonders of what technology can do is imperative but when is it too soon to expose them to all that the internet can do? Snapchat can be great for children because it allows them to use funny filters and short videos to be creative and express themselves with friends and family but the videos and pictures unless saved disappear a few seconds after being viewed.

Child Blocks are life changing and should be enforced on every device in the home. There are sites targeted to young children that advertise music and video sharing that allow children to broadcast themselves singing and dancing for millions to see. This is a real app that I Found the children I watch playing with. They assumed that everyone on the app was about their ages but anyone could see their videos.

Controlling who can see your children is important but monitoring what your children can see is equally important. The days of little Jimmy hiding a JCPenny bra catalog under his bed are gone replaced by the wide expanding internet where ANYTHING can be found. In my experience children are spending the majority of their online time on YouTube and Netflix but even those sites which we assume are all family friendly can push the boundaries.

I recommend allowing children to use this awesome technology like Snapchat but supervised, do it together that way you know for sure what they are doing online.

Until next time dairy,

Alyssa ❤



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