Field Trip!


kids with goat

Dear Diary,

This weekend I discovered something incredible, DISCOUNTED CHILD PRICES! That’s right its not just restaurants that give discounts for tiny humans. I took the kids to the zoo on Saturday. My adult ticket was $15 but their child tickets were only $5. The kids have been talking about the zoo for weeks so Saturday morning when I told them they screamed, laughed, and one even cried happy tears!

We spent 6 hours walking through the animal park, learning, playing, and having the best time. Field trips are incredible, of course it was a fun work day for me but it was also rewarding to see the kids learning so much and loving to learn. We learned about snakes, frogs and lizards in the reptile exhibit, we also studied fish in the aquarium.

The real excitement came from the safari exhibit! We saw elephants, lions, cheetahs, and we got to feed and pet a giraffe! The zoo also had a farmyard animal section with a petting zoo. The kids I watch aren’t exactly city slickers but they rarely if ever get the chance to interact with farm animals so they were thrilled!

On the drive home the kids talked excitedly about their favorite animals, what souvenirs they bought, what sounds the animals made and how they couldn’t wait to revisit the zoo. It warmed my heart to see the children so happy, It may have cost a few of my own dollars but it was worth it for us all to have so much fun together.

For our next field trip I’m thinking the water park!

Until next time diary,

Alyssa ❤

britt with lenejayce on elephant


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