Making Fitness Fun!


water-balloon.jpgDear Diary, 

There is no denying that childhood obesity is a huge problem, but the word “exercise” can be too scary for kids and many adults. So the only option is to incorporate fitness into daily activities and make them fun! I have implemented a one hour “outdoors time” for myself and the children I nanny. At some point during the day (usually after homework is done) we put away the electronics and toys and head outside.

I bought a couple of little flags so that we can play flag football and flag tag. We play hide and seek, have cartwheel competitions, and races. Sometimes the kids like to make up crazy games. The children I watch are lucky enough to have a large trampoline in their backyard which is a great way to get some exercise, have fun, and encourage a little friendly competition.

Bad weather doesn’t stop us from getting exercise, we ride bikes and scooters in the garage. There are plenty of activities that can be done inside that can promote exercise. Try using masking tape to make boxes on the floor to play hopscotch inside, this method also works to play four corners. The kids I nanny are obsessed with taping streamers across the walls and floors to make an obstacle course that you have to crawl through without breaking the streamers. Requires strategic thinking, some light exercise and ends with a LOT of fun!

Spring and Summer is the best time for fun outdoor activities! There is almost nothing that kids love more than slip-n-slides, water balloon fights and water guns! This is great for the kids but just as great for nannies/babysitters. Not only are we also getting exercise but having fun and most importantly strengthening bonds with the kids. When you invest time to do things that the children want to do they notice, it means a lot to them that you care enough to ask and then follow through. So spend some time doing what they kids are interested in and the result will be happier kids and in turn a happier you!

Until next time dairy,

Alyssa ❤


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