About Me


My name is Alyssa Eads, I am a Senior at the University of Central Arkansas. I have an associate degree in early childhood education and I am currently working on a bachelor’s degree in public relations. I am a nanny for two wonderful families. I babysit for a handful more and I have worked in two daycare facilities over the last six years. I began babysitting at 13 because I thought it would be fun to play games, sing songs, and drink juice boxes. I enjoyed it so much I never stopped. I have named this blog the Nanny Diaries because I am going to be very honest with you, the audience and with myself. There are always laughs and hugs but also tears and temper tantrums and I am going to explore all of the above.

I often refer to myself as a temporary parent because as a nanny I spend all day with kids, I make their meals and keep them clean, play with them, and help with homework. I love the kids I watch and treat them as if they were my own. I have been a nanny for these two families for over a year so I feel like family. In my ten years of childcare experience I have seen and experienced a lot. This blog started as a class project but has become one of my favorite creative outlets. I hope my childcare advise and anecdotes keep you coming back for more! I will be posting about some of favorite and most challenging stories, hot topics in the world of childcare, child-friendly activities, and recommendations for being the greatest temporary parent you can be.

until next time diary,

Alyssa ❤